Doctor Robert Hunter
Clinical Research and Career Development Fellow
Doctor Robert Hunter
Clinical Research and Career Development Fellow
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Research in a nutshell

I am interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms of renal tubular dysfunction in kidney disease. We have shown that cells in different parts of the kidney can communicate with one another by sending messages packaged into extracellular vesicles. My work aims to understand this process and to explore how it might contribute to the development of kidney diseases.


Education and experience

I completed my undergradute training in medicine at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, before moving to Edinburgh to work as a junior doctor in 2005. I enrolled on the ECAT scheme (Edinburgh Clinical Academic Track) in 2008. I undertook a PhD project in the Center for Cardiovascular Science at Edinburgh (John Mullins Lab), studying renal tubular physiology in a rare syndrome of congenital hypertension. In 2018, I started as a Wellcome Clinical Research Career Development Fellow and Honorary Consultant in Renal Medicine.

Clinical Expertise and Specialisation

Renal and General Internal Medicine with a special interest in electrolyte disorders, nephrotic syndrome and small vessel (ANCA) vasculitis.


The impact of excessive salt intake on human health

In: Nature Reviews Nephrology Vol.18

Cardiovascular outcomes in patients with chronic kidney disease and COVID-19: a multi-regional data-linkage study

The processes of transport and public health policy change: 20mph speed limits in Edinburgh and Belfast

In: Case Studies on Transport Policy