Doctor Bryan Conway
Senior Clinical Lecturer
Doctor Bryan Conway
Senior Clinical Lecturer
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Research in a nutshell

My lab performs multi-omic analysis of biopsy tissue, blood and urine from patients with kidney disease in order to understand the molecules, pathways and specific cell types that are associated with injury and repair processes in human kidney disease. By linking biopsy tissue to urine and serum, we aim to identify non-invasive biomarkers that can be used to improve diagnosis, prognosis and to identify patients that may benefit from specific therapies.


Education and experience

I undertook my PhD in the Genetics of Diabetic Kidney Disease in Queen's University Belfast in 2003, and then trained in Nephrology in both Belfast and Edinburgh. I was awarded an MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowship in 2007 and moved to the Centre for Inflammation Research (CIR) in the University of Edinburgh to investigate the role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of diabetic nephrology. I was awarded a Scottish Senior Clinical Fellowship in 2012 and currently study the role of diabetes and hypertension in promoting kidney disease. I also lead the renal module of the undergraduate medical curriculum and work part-time as an Honorary Consultant Nephrologist in the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.


Frequency and phenotype associations of rare variants in 5 monogenic cerebral small vessel disease genes in 200,000 UK Biobank participants

Sonoporation of human renal proximal tubular epithelial cells in vitro to enhance the liberation of intracellular miRNA biomarkers

In: Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (UMB)

Single-cell analysis of senescent epithelia reveals targetable mechanisms promoting fibrosis