Salt Awareness Week

Salt Awareness Week ran in March this year and we featured in the Observer and Mail talking about why we like to eat salty foods and what this means for our health.



Constant craving: why we can’t shake the salt habit

Why having a salt tooth might be the cause of your high blood pressure

EICC Live: Healthy Heart

June 2023: In collaboration with the European Society of Cardiology, Professor Matthew Bailey, discusses the impact of salt intake on heart heath (start at 39mins). The World Health Organisation recommends that we eat no more than 5 grams of salt – roughly a teaspoon- each day. Most people in the world eat almost twice this every single day. Matt summarises the poor health outcomes caused by dietary salt excess and highlights ways to improve them.

New drugs for kidney disease

We talked to The British Heart Foundation and BBC about our research to discover new treatments for kidney disease. New work shows that repurposing existing medicines could help improve cardiovascular outcomes following acute kidney injury.



Drug discovery offers potential treatment for deadly kidney disease

Old drugs offer new hope for kidney disease treatment

Molecule link to diabetic kidney disease

Salt and Stress

We talked to Wired magazine, El Pais and The Mirror about our recent project showing that eating high levels of salt in our food activates the stress response.



The risks of high salt consumption: Arterial hypertension and high stress hormone levels

Eating Too Much Salt Could Cause Stress Levels to Rise

‘Salt adds to high blood pressure – now it’s been found to lead to stress problems too’